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Private Equity Capital: What Affects Buyers and Sellers in Today’s International Markets?

Carl Nelson, EVP of Mergers and Acquisitions, and Adam Favale, SVP of Mergers & Acquisitions

A low-interest rate environment has generated an influx of capital from private equity firms, foreign investors and sovereign wealth funds streaming into the United States.

The Business Case for HR Technology — Does It Hold Up for Smaller Enterprises?

Mark Rieder, SVP, HR Technology & Benefits Administration Services

Let's clear the air and break down how HR technology can help a smaller organization and whether the investment might be business-justified.

Five Signs that a New HR Tech Platform is Probably Needed

Mark Rieder, SVP, HR Technology & Benefits Administration Services

NFP's HR Technology Team tackles what's arguably the number one HR Technology-related question on the minds of HR executives: Is it time to consider a new HR system?


When Interest Rates Rise — What To Expect From Your BOLI Asset

Since 2008, the Federal Reserve has maintained a low interest rate climate to encourage economic growth.

Good Choices for Your Future — How Knowledge Can Play an Important Part in Health

“Your health is your wealth!” — How many times have you heard that? Knowledge certainly affects one’s ability to make good choices.

Qualified Versus Nonqualified Plans

For most employees, qualified retirement plans are a critical component of their retirement savings strategy.

SERPS — One Size Does Not Fit All

Employers have long struggled with the ability to attract, retain and reward key talent.

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