Locking Down Your Data

Data breaches have moved from sporadic events to almost daily headlines, and almost every industry is experiencing attacks. NFP can work to help mitigate the threats that arise from cyber events with a strong cyber liability policy.

Breaches are inevitable, but dealing with them is a little easier when you have the right coverage. We offer first-party and third-party coverage, which means we take care of claims made by the insured as well as liability claims against the insured.

First-Party Coverage

  • Business interruption
  • Computer data loss and restoration
  • Credit monitoring
  • Crisis management
  • Extortion
  • Forensic investigation
  • Lost data and devices
  • Notification costs
  • PCI fines and penalties

Third-Party Coverage

  • Litigation and regulatory
  • Media liability
  • Regulatory response

Let’s work together to promote keeping you covered across the information age.

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