Protection for Your Top Minds

No matter how brilliant your leadership team is, your company is likely facing more risk and scrutiny than ever before. From charges of accounting fraud and conflicts of interest to alleged operational issues and discrimination, the range of legal exposures for management is staggering. Unexpected lawsuits from these risks can be costly and drag on for years. But you need your top leaders to focus on running the business, not worrying about litigation.

To protect your company and your leadership team, you need management liability coverage that's customized for your company's situation. We can conduct an evaluation, taking a deep dive into the nitty-gritty to see if the coverage you have is adequate. You'll find out about risks, insurable and otherwise, that you probably didn't even know existed.

We'll look at asset and income lists and explore the way your company is run. We pore through contracts and workflows, chat with key employees and check out the work environment in its entirety. You also get a systems-based analysis of claims, loss reporting, policy reviews and claim instructions for both standard and nonstandard coverage.

Your coverage options include:

  • Directors & officers liability: Protection for your company, officers and directors from claims brought against them by shareholders, competitors, customers, employees, investors, suppliers, creditors and government agencies.
  • Employment practices liability: Coverage for claims brought by employees and third parties for wrongful employment practices.
  • Miscellaneous errors & omissions liability: Protection against claims of negligence or failure to perform professional duties.
  • Crime and fiduciary liability: Coverage for criminal acts such as employee theft, robbery and more.