Answering the Call of the Wild

Every adventure has its risks, and treating the traumas that come with them can be even more complicated than the path that led you there. At NFP, we know the dangers that can happen while trying to help people take on wild, untamed country and how quickly a great adventure can go south for everyone involved.

Whether you’re helping others on an in the jungle or the desert, on a mountain or a cave, in the midst a disaster or on throughout an expedition, we’re committed to giving you the peace of mind to get the job done. Our wilderness liability insurance program delivers international coverage with US defense and protections to keep your work safe and sound when you’re hitting the trail, out on the water and everywhere in between.

Coverage starts at $50,000 – with options to increase that up to a $200,000/$600,000 limit on an annual basis – designed to cover the liability exposures for Wilderness and Backcountry Medical Professional Services excluded from your clinical coverage.

Let's work together on the perfect plan that'll keep you covered wherever the world takes you and what happens once you get there.

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